Natalia Bochkarev showed her man

Май 20, 2016    
Natalia Bochkarev showed her man

The actress went to Cannes for the film festival in the company of  Alexander Kononenko. As part of the show Natalia will present her debut director's work "Free day." The Star reported that a young man had come to support her, but, according to witnesses, the couple behaved like lovers.

The "Free day" for is the film Natalia Bochkarev was busy working on for a long time. This film was the debut picture of the star as a director. She introduced the mystical drama of the Moscow public in April, and now went to show a short film in Cannes. On Azure Coast Natalia went with Alexander Kononenko, host of the show "School of repairs on TNT."

"Alexander had come with me to support me. And it is very necessary to me. I was already at the Cannes Film Festival, but as a guest. At this time I am a member, I admit, and it is a different feeling. Excitement is, because my picture will be judged, "- said Bochkareva.

The couple appeared together at the premiere of the festival: Natalia and Alexander praised the new picture of Pedro Almodovar's "Juliet" and enjoy the creations of Andrea Arnold's "American Honey". The rest of the time in love having fun at parties, which are organized on the coast for guests Cannes Film Festival.

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