Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergei Zhigunov and other midshipmen — how they look now!

Май 28, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergei Zhigunov and other midshipmen — how they look now!


Curls, a sword and a birthmark over a lip in 1987 shook the Soviet cinema. This was ashamed to admit it, but spectators would not mind to get these best friends in her bedroom at the same time.

Sergei Zhigunov
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The second wave of the popularity of the actor straddled in the middle zero, playing the male lead in the sitcom "The Nanny." But then, attention was riveted to the actor not so much because of the show ratings, but because of his or her romance with partner Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Zhigunov, in turn, on top left, and his wife Vera Novikova, with whom he lived in Married since 1984. Feelings between Zavorotnyuk Zhigunov and extinguished as suddenly as it had flared up. Then the prodigal husband Zhigunov returned to his wife, which has already managed to get a divorce. And in October 2009 Zhigunov again signed with the former wife.

Dmitry Kharatyan


A blonde boy with blue eyes — the image still at the peak of popularity, and the Dmitry is still the secret love of our mothers. 56-year-old actor has not changed since the days of "cadets".

Vladimir Shevelkov
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Artist as Nikita Oleneva starred in the first movie about trehseriynom midshipmen, and then engaged in the advertising business, and shooting videos. However, Shevelkov continued to act in films and even took part in the famous film "Hearts of three", where he again played with Zhigunov. But a serious acting career Shevelkov did himself explained it spoiled roles: "Midshipmen" I personally do not use, and brought to my acting career put an end: Serious roles after such works do not offer.

Mikhail Mamaev
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After leaving Shevelkova Oleneva role of Nikita in the second and third parts I went to Mikhail Mamaev. Replacing the audience did not like. In the early 2000s Mamaev again recalled his role as commander Alexander Buturlin in the television series "Secrets of Palace Revolutions", but then did not get big roles. 50-year-old actor is not married and has no children.

Alexander Domogarov
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Hero Paul Gorin appears in the final part of the "cadets". The actor has been married three times. His first-born Dmitry from his first marriage died in a road accident in 2008, and the second child — Alexander Domogarov Jr. — became an actor.

After the third divorce, the actor waited another personal tragedy: in the last year of his girlfriend died of lymphoma Larisa Chernikov, which Domogarov lived 5 years.