Has YOUR area turned REMAIN after Brexit? Map shows Britons may NOT want another EU vote

Июль 27, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Has YOUR area turned REMAIN after Brexit? Map shows Britons may NOT want another EU vote


DESPITE Scotland voting to Remain in the European Union, just 3.5 per cent of Scots want a second referendum on Brexit.

A new map reveals how few people want to go to the polls again despite reports of Leave voters suffering ‘Bregret’ in the wake of the historic referendum. 

Just 3.5 per cent of Scots have signed a petition calling for a second referendum despite 62 per cent of Scottish voters opting to Remain in the EU on June 23. 

There has also been no ‘Bregret’ in Northern Ireland where despite 55.8 per cent of voters wanted to stay in the bloc just 3.8 per cent signed the petition. 


More than four million signed an online petition calling for a second referendum forcing the issue to be debated in Westminster Hall in September. 

But it would appear disappointed Remainers have accepted the result of the referendum.

By analysing data from the official Parliament petitions website, Jellyfish was able to calculate the percentage of the population in each constituency that signed the petition, and an interactive map was created showing which parts of the UK show the most ‘Bregret’.

But it appeared pro-Brexit areas have stood by their decision. 

The petition was the least popular in eurosceptic Doncaster. 


Just 2.25 per cent of the population supported the petition in an area which saw a massive 69 per cent of voters wanting to leave the EU. 

There appears to be little ‘Bregret’ in Stoke with just 2.44 per cent signing the online campaign after 69.4 per cent of voters supported Brexit. 

Less than 2.53 per cent of people signed the petition in the Brexit heartlands of Dudley, West Bromwich and Blackpool. 

But the petition gained the most support in Brighton and Hove. 

Some 68.6 per cent of voters in the region decided to remain in the EU on polling day but just 14.6 per cent of the population signed the petition. 

Pro-Brussels Oxford came in second with 12.9 per cent supporting the online campaign despite 70 per cent voters wanting to stay in the EU. 



Just 11 per cent of people in Bristol signed the petition after 61.7 per cent of voters said they wanted to remain. 

One in 10 Londoners signed the petition after the majority of voters in the capital voted to stay a member of the EU. 

Hornsey and Wood Green in London was the constituency with the most signatures by population, with 18.59 per cent of constituents signing the petition.

Catherine West, MP for Hornsey & Wood Green who campaigned strongly to remain, said:“I still believe that the UK is stronger and more secure in the EU, and I will continue to stand with the people of Hornsey and Wood Green on this issue by voting against invoking Article 50 when a vote is held in parliament. 

“Thousands of people have already contacted me about the call for a second referendum and over four million people have signed a national petition, which means it will be considered for a Parliamentary debate.


"I look forward to this debate and the opportunity to highlight the implications of this referendum for the country and for our communities. I hope its conclusions can be worked into Labour’s next manifesto.”

The majority of signatures came from people residing in Conservative controlled constituencies.

Some 37 per cent of signatures lived in Labour controlled areas. 

The map comes after an Express.co.uk poll discovered 80 per cent of readers would vote Leave and just 20 per cent would vote Remain if another referendum was held just one week after the June vote.