Now you can fly to New York for only £56 – but there’s a bit of a catch

Декабрь 29, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Now you can fly to New York for only £56 – but there’s a bit of a catch


You will soon be able to fly from the UK to New York for just £56 – but there’s a catch.
The price from Norwegian Airlines sounds great on the face of it, who wouldn’t want to pay less than £60 for a one-way flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

But you will have to be willing to make a few sacrifices in order to take advantage of the low priced flights from summer 2017.

To start with, the Boeing 737MAX flights will only operate from Edinburgh, Scotland.
That means you may incur extra costs getting to the airport (unless you already live in the city, obviously).

Also, the six new planes won’t actually land at JFK or Newark – instead using other airports in New York State.

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‘We’ll also be flying to secondary airports in New York,’ said Norwegian chief executive Bjorn Kjos. ‘That means we don’t pay as much and can charge cheaper fares’.

There’s also another caveat – Norwegian flights usually cost quite a bit more than the headline price after you factor in checked baggage, seat reservation and meals.

Telegraph Travel discovered a £179 flight to Las Vegas from London Gatwick cost £50 more if you included the extras.
But even with all of this, the flights are still probably the cheapest across the ocean.